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Strategic Plan Overview

Under the direction of University President Robert Robbins and with input from thousands of stakeholders, the 2018 Strategic Plan outlines a vision for the future of the university. The Plan contains five broad pillars, including Pillar III "The Arizona Advantage: Advancing Our Land Grant Mission to Drive Social, Cultural, and Economic Impact." The Arizona Advantage Pillar includes a strong commitment to Native American advancement.

University employees and students can read the full plan here. External constituents can read the plan here.

Strategic Plan Pillar III; Initiative 3.1C

"Institutionalize commitment to Native American advancement" includes the following initiatives:

"The University of Arizona will establish a university level Senior Executive Leadership role for Native American Advancement and Tribal Engagement (Senior Executive Leader) and create the support network for a future Center for Native American Advancement and Tribal Engagement (Center). The Senior Executive Leader will elevate the voice of tribal governments and Native American students and faculty by directly reporting to the UArizona President on all aspects of the University of Arizona's land grant mission. The Center will promote the cultural distinctiveness, contributions, and significance of Native peoples by gathering appropriate personnel and financial resources to support the achievement, sustainability, and expansion of Native American advancement at the University." (Initiative 3.1C1)

"Recognition and acknowledgement of the sovereign, self-governing status of Native Nations and the University’s government-to-government relationship through UArizona Tribal Consultation Policy Plan of Action, annual Arizona Tribal Leaders Summit, and Native Nation’s Sovereignty Plaza." (Initiative 3.1C2)

"Physical Center for Native American Advancement and Tribal Engagement that includes a School of Indigenous Governance and Nation Building, that recognizes and promotes the cultural distinctiveness, contributions and significance of Native peoples." (Initiative 3.1C3)

Launch Date: 06/11/2019

Karen Francis-Begay

Assistant Vice Provost, Native American Initiatives

Tribal Affiliation: Diné (Navajo Nation)



Nathan Levi Esquerra

Senior Vice President for Native American Advancement & Tribal Engagement

Tribal Affiliation: Chemehuevi Indian Tribe of California