Native American Student Spotlights

Felisia Tagaban Gaskin Awarded 2021 Centennial Achievement

Felisia Tagaban Gaskin is Diné (Navajo) of the Tódich'ii'nii (Bitter Water) and Tachii'nii (Red Running Into the Water) clans, she also is Tlingit and of the Wooshkeetaan (Shark) clan. Felisia is currently a Doctoral candidate in Higher Education from the Center for the Study of Higher Education.


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Outstanding Native American Student Awardees, 2020-2021

Graduating Senior Award

Rita Valenzuela

Ms. Valenzuela also has an exceptional record of service, both to our University and to the larger community. As a first-generation student, she is particularly passionate about helping other students like herself to achieve their goals, much as in the way she herself was helped along the way. Ms. Valenzuela’s community service began as a Volunteer College Coach for the Metropolitan Education Commission, where she volunteered to help her peers obtain scholarships and apply to FAFSA.